If over 70 years of robust tailoring excellence and over thousands of satisfied customers isn't invitation enough into the Hallman's circle, consider the following Top Ten list of exclusive Hallman's services - with an extra half thrown in for exact measure, pun intended.

10+1 reasons why Hallman's is your preferred family tailor:

  • In-house inventory that boasts over 3000 fabrics, imported from the finest of Italian and English mills.
  • We accept 12-hour work orders - the same quality, delivered the same day. Curing all fashion emergencies. 
  • Free Delivery within Jabotabek.
  • Alterations are always possible with a Hallman's garment allowing for fluctuations in size.
  • Alterations are also always gratis.
  • Work with friendly, trusted cutters with vast expertise. Not tape-wielding salespeople, fresh off a two-day course.
  • Genuine people, genuine advice. We convey the style, cloths and colors that work for you AND the ones that don't.
  • Measurements and preferences are kept on file for 5 years, simply order via phone or email.
  • Find us easily in the textile hub of Pasar Baru where our suits are measured, cut and produced.
  • The tailor who did your very first Hallman's garment will stay on with you during the entire time you remain a Hallman's customer, giving consistency to the look and feel of your future garments.
  • Tailoring that is 100% guaranteed. If it's not perfect, we'll make it so. If not, your money back.

Visit Hallman's to experience the other 89.5 reasons.

Your preferences are always first at Hallman's,
                                                     your preferred family tailor.

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